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Export is very important for a country's economic development and high national income. Export; increases the sales and profits, share in world markets, increases competitiveness, provides employment, reduces the dependence on the domestic market. Therefore, as OGR TRADE; we offer reliable, accurate, fast and economic solutions in different sectors with our expert and experienced team to companies that will trade with us. We export consumable and non-consumable goods from Turkey to all of the world.We are able to build strong relationships that are mutually, making sure that we completely understand the people we trade with. Our mission is to prioritise the quality of our traded products. Our objective is to help our clients reach to international markets, as well as a determination to rise, commercially and through reputation, in the business, international trade and marketing world and be established as a key player these areas. We aim to serve with an extensive and diversified consumer product range that is tailored to the tastes and preferences of our customers.






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